Shipping Instructions

Shipping Cremated Remains

Please use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for sending the urn with the ashes of the deceased person.

Parcel Services like UPS or FedEx don’t accept cremated human remains.

The USPS has the following rules for shipping human ashes:

Cremated Remains
462.2 Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packaged as required in 463b. The identity of the contents should be marked on the address side. Mailpieces must be sent registered mail with return receipt service.

Packaging and Marking - The following conditions apply:
463b. Powders:
Dry materials that could cause damage, discomfort, destruction, or soiling upon escape (i.e., leakage) must be packed in siftproof containers or other containers that are sealed in durable siftproof outer containers.